Oregon Coast Cliff Jumping

My wife and I spent the past week in a little Oregon Coast town called Cannon Beach. It was an awesome week of spending time with family, relaxing, surfing, and even cliff jumping.

I’ve been going to the Cannon Beach since I was the size of a golfball in my mom’s stomach, but somehow it took me 24 years to finally find this rad cliff jumping spot. This little spot is my idea of perfection: beautiful surroundings, clear water, and absolutely no one around. It’s a hidden gem that you won’t find on any maps or guidebooks, but it’s the bestĀ Oregon Coast cliff jumping I’ve found.

I don’t think we’d have ever found this place except that one of my brother’s friends had been there before. There are no signs, no maps, and (from what I can tell) nothing online.

Getting There

  1. CB40027Park along the side of the road at the address listed below (there’s a $4 parking lot on Foss Road, but there’s a free spot to park right past it).
  2. CB40002Once you park, you’ll see a set of train tracks on the South side of Foss Road. Follow these tracks East for about a quarter mile.
  3. This is the tricky part. After about a half mile, there’s a little path on the South side of the tracks that heads down towards the river. This path is really easy to miss, but if you keep your eyes peeled you’ll find it.
  4. Once you go through this path, it’s a few steps down to the cliff jumping spot. There are a variety of cliffs ranging from 5 feet to about 25 feet. There’s also a rope swing, but you’ll need to find a long branch or something to get the rope.

Safety Tips

  • Always, always, always check the depth of the water before jumping in. Just because someone else has jumped in before doesn’t mean the water is still the same depth.
  • Don’t go by yourself. It’s important to bring friends along when you’re hiking, cliff jumping, or doing anything else remotely dangerous.
  • Don’t jump if you don’t feel comfortable. It’s better to be safe and do things within your comfort zone.
  • Even though it’s tempting, don’t jump off the deck. That thing is falling apart and has been there for over 20 years.

Final Thoughts

This place is really fun! It would be a great spot to bring the family on those rare warm days on the Oregon Coast. Not only is the water pretty warm in the summer, but the scenery is breathtaking and you’ll likely have the whole spot to yourself. Just make sure you bring towels and decent shoes for the walk back to the car. All said and done, nothing beats a day of Oregon Coast cliff jumping.

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